Monday, July 30, 2007


Colorado is a very cool state. I wouldn't mind being there for an extended period of time someday. Will post pictures soon.

Trying to get settled back into work and stuff. I'm developing new hobbies at an alarming rate, and I think my bankroll might suffer. Oh well, life is way too awesome to worry about money too much.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tap the Rockiez

I'm leaving for CO today and I expect I'm going to have a lot of fun. The company is quite nice. Lots of sights to see that might cure my computer eyes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Cockney Rebellion

I think my body may be angry with me. I might have finally pissed it off to the point where it's better for my individual organs to move on without me. We're holding each other back and this is a dead end relationship. We've crossed the line from complacent domestic arguments to spousal abuse and if I don't straighten up and fly right the results could be disastrous. I can imagine right now that my liver is packing its bags secretly while I'm at work, carefully leaving behind every sentimental knickknack and taking only what it needs to start a new life; stealing away in the night and leaving behind only a tangle of lonely sheets and an imprint where an organ used to be. It won't even leave a note, maybe just a final glance before it passes through the doors into a brand new life where it won't ever be made to feel small again and punishment won't be doled out in pilsner glasses. Au revoir, mon chéri.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bring On The Major Leagues

The trip to NASA went over pretty successfully I think. That is to say it was ridiculous. That place is pretty rad and would have been twice as awesome when I was a kid. A strange consequence of the trip is that I had a run in with something I had a problem with when I was a kid: large disproportions (or maybe proportions).
We toured the Saturn V rocket facility, and it makes me cringe (a funny feeling in my teeth) to imagine how small the rivets are compared to the bulk of the fuselage. I told you it was strange.

Time spent with these REU folks has been pretty enjoyable, but it's probably in my best interest to not become too attached (see: last summer). Particle accelerators are no great substitute for non-zombified humans.

Work is sort of frustrating right now, as I've been stuck on a certain problem in my research for almost two weeks. I think I've circumnavigated the boundary of the problem for a while now and it would really be nice to crack it open a little. Every time I do make some progress or fix an error it has an almost null effect on the end result, a result that is most definitely wrong! This is probably made worse by the time I've had to take to plan for REU events and my tiny drinking problem. Hopefully I'll make some progress soon before I leave for Colorado.

Also, I cut all my hair off. Whoops!
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