Saturday, December 22, 2007

When You See Me Between Cole And Cahuenga

I had a really great time in L.A.. It's a very exciting place and I felt alive and stimulated. The people I met were all incredible and it was nice to feel like you totally fit in. Not like I don't feel like I fit in with my friends that I have, but having it be everyone you meet is a surreal and wonderful experience. I'm probably still just a bit dazed and totally in love, but I don't caaare. You fall in love for a reason. Here are some selected pictures of the rest of my trip:

We went with Julian over to the Getty art center. Julian is kind of a big deal and a super nice guy.

Beau is a gentleman.

I'm pretty much a scrub and a tagalong.

This patio was kind of nice. It was a pretty day.


A copy of this resided in the bathroom at Julian's house. A reminder to all women.

I've always liked this one.

A not so good picture of a really good view.

Deluxe dining experience.

The details on this were incredible.

More viewsss.

We went to Astroburger at some point. I was a champion.

Outer Space.

Check out that sweaterrrr.


Haha no table yet.

It looks jumbled but it really isn't.

This is jumbled.

Saw the Walt Disney building. Pretty fucking nice.

So smooth.

Haha I laughed my ass off when I saw this. I thought these were all street signs.

We went to that Cafe at some point too, pretty much destroyed all of Hollywood and the surrounding hoods.

Elisa and Julian are a hot item. I am in lurrhv with both of them.

I dare anyone to take a radder picture of Beau.

These gay homeless guys living in the basement did a terrible job of fixing the steps. But it looks sort of like the steps are made of candy and there is some marshmallow ooze coming out.

We started the drive home, and I made sure to get some In 'n Out in Tuscon. Double-double animal styleee.


We drove for fucking ever. It's impossibly long but Beau was a champion.

Beau had to take a nap at the gas station, so I walked into the desert and took this picture. I also made some phone calls.

The Thing was closed. Fuck.

We stopped off in the town of Sweetwater in search of a legend. The legend of pancakes that are 4 inches deep and as large as a man's forearm. We got sort of distracted since there are a lot of good sights in Sweetwater (who knew?). If you ever want those pancakes they are at a place called the Oak Street Cafe. It closes at 2pm so go early!


Went to this little eat place called Blondie's. I recommend it and you get to call the owner 'Mom'. It's in a nice little building with some neat quirks.

Looks good.

Listen: We became unstuck in time and ended up in Dallas. The buildings in Dallas have this digital charm that I really like. I'm home now.

So that is a lot of what I saw. I did a lot of things that aren't photographed but I'm sure you'll all hear that from me when I won't shut up about it. I really liked that town of Sweetwater, and I feel like it deserves some more exploring/antique shopping. Does anyone want to make a trip out to Marfa, TX sometime in the Spring? I've heard good things.

Yours Truly.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Elegant Mess

I've arrived. After Beau picked me up from the airport we went over to a party out in Val Verde. It was pretty neat, definitely a good segue from a plane trip. We stayed up pretty later and stayed over with a friend of his. I woke up and took some pictures, and took some throughout the day. I'm having fun.

I saw this when I woke up:


Good marnin' Beau

Then we went home to Beau's house. I think the stairway is pretty awesome.

Pretty rad.

Beau's Haus.

It also has a pretty decent view.

There is a door to the roof!

Solar panels to soothe our ecosouls.

Home decor.

We went to Supreme after lunch and saw this retro skateboard art exhibit next door. It was alright.

There was more stuff, but the lighting was sort of off.

I took this really quick because I was afraid to be sniped:

Sorry if the pictures are a little bad, I'm taking them kind of quick as I go along. I hope you are having a good time. Bye!

Yours Truly.
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