Sunday, February 24, 2008


I had a phone interview with Teach for America today. Two weekends ago I had a personal interview in LA with Teach California Charters. I'll hear back from TCC in a week or so, and TFA by March 7th. I hope everything went okay, phone interviews are sort of unnerving.

Having completely mentally checked out of my PhD program, I'm finding motivation to do homework a scarce commodity. Every day I start out with the best intentions of going to (my one) class and doing my homework and all that, but when I feel good and energetic I usually just end up skateboarding or cleaning. Skateboarding and cleaning is not getting my homework done, and I have a test this Thursday. I suppose it technically doesn't matter what happens, but it's foolish for me to screw off this badly. So -- with you as my witness -- I'm from this point forwards "getting it together" schoolwise. My living environment is also sort of chaotic. I could use a slower pace in that department. All Time Party Time sounded a lot cooler when it wasn't in my living room.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thoughts Are All You Dream Of

I've been feeling pretty well lately. Less stressed, less anxious. Collected. Eliminating caffeine from my intake has been a good thing (thanks Beau!). I haven't had dreams this vivid in probably over a year, which is terrible because dreams sort of rule. Did you know that dreams rule?

My interview to teach at charter schools in LA is in two weekends. I'm excited and pretty confident that it will be a good experience regardless of the outcome. I enjoy teaching and I enjoy talking to people, so it's hard for an interview like that to go wrong. A mid-semester trip to California is also not an unwelcome idea as a general notion, but I hope the weather can match the loveliness I've been surrounded with as of late.

Teaching is going pretty well this semester; I get to class on time, try my best, give my quizzes, and grade everything in my office as soon as I get back from class. Simple, smooth, fast. Oh dear, Oh dear.

This past weekend I went to my friends Zach and Tiffany's new house out in Spring, TX. They've been married for a while and they are both really cool folks. A bunch of us dudes helped him lay sod in his backyard, drank some beers, and played some sportz. It was rad. I didn't stay for dinner and instead went out to my friend Chattman's place for the night. I've been there a lot lately. We went to the Fiery Furnaces show and had a blast, ending up sitting in front of a Randall's at 3 in the morning eating a bunch of junk food. There were a lot of laughs. I'm glad he's doing better, it's always a pleasure to go visit.

Just passin' through.

Yours Truly.
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