Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weather Update

Winter is always a weird season for me. The daily shrinking amount of sunlight to be had always brings about a similar reaction inside me where I express less and less about what I am thinking. I no longer find this as bad as I used to, just a different mode.

I've been working on a lot of side projects lately, most of which I will end up finishing soon. I hope to document those here and on a more organized site I will make for that purpose. It's exciting to finish these projects up because they represent some solid results of an ongoing project I have been trying to implement in my life, that is really take advantage of the time I have and the skills and actually make something. Contrast that to my usual habit of learning about something on the side but never producing any definite output. It just requires a smarter approach.

Thing I want to do in the upcoming months:

  1. Retake my GRE so it is up to date. Take the Math GRE subject test.
  2. Keep developing applications that solve problems interesting to me but help others too. Attend the Google I/O conference.
  3. Begin contributing regularly to an open source project!
  4. Build more skate-able stuff and keep skating a lot.
  5. Enjoy my time out of school.
Anyhow, living in LA is still a blast. I no longer have a car but that's actually pretty cool too, I ride my bike a lot.

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